Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club is a 2017 psychologial horror visual novel disguising itself as a dating simulator made by Dan Salvato.

DDLC is one of my favourite games, full stop. It combines my favourite tropes in media - sentient AI/characters, fourth wall breaking, and things that seem cutesy but hide a horrific underbelly. My favourite character is predictably Monika - she is literally everything to me. I cannot emphasize how much this game and character shaped me and my 14-year-old taste in media back in 2017. Like, this is my Joker. I have written several long essays on Monika's character and why she's severely misunderstood by the fandom please give me an excuse to post them somewhere-

I got into DDLC very soon after it was out (honestly it could have been as short as a week or two after release?) and I've been a Monika apologist and stan since literally day ONE. I was shown it by someone who wanted me to play it blind (which I still think is the best way to experience the game if you're new to it) and I was sympathizing with her even in my first playthrough of Act 2 and 3. I still love the other girls dearly though! My second favourite is absolutely Yuri, followed by Natsuki and finally Sayori (who's only last because I love the other girls that little bit more - I still adore her!). I actually wrote DDLC fanfiction briefly and was active on the DDLC Amino while I was still young enough to think Amino was anything but hell incarnate. (Please do not look for my old fics. They are still up but they are orphaned LMAO)

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